Agorophobia treatment program for housebound individuals

Agoraphobia treatment is severely lacking for people who are housebound from the severe form of panic disorder. Inherent in the difficulty with treatment comes the lack of doctors who are able to go and provide help for agoraphobia in the house of a person suffering. Few programs exist in the country specializing in agoraphobia and the ones that exist do not provide one expert with expertise in specifically housebound agoraphobia patients who provides all aspects of treatment which means consistency, faster progress and much more customized and tailored to your situation.

Agoraphobia treatment program in Scottsdale, Arizona incorporates the following:

1. Coordination with your PCP or psychiatrist at home to provide adequate sedative medications to enable you to get out of the house and onto a plane to get to Arizona. People must be accompanied by someone for safety reasons.

2. If not possible to leave the house, I can fly to your location and begin treatment together to enable you to travel back to Arizona with me to complete the program

3. Program is 3-4 hours daily and includes cognitive behavioral therapy specific to people with the most severe and debilitating forms of agoraphobia and panic disorder which differs in significant ways from traditional cognitive behavioral therapy for agoraphobia.

4. Exposure therapy is the mainstay of successful treatment for agoraphobia. The large majority of the time will include exposure together from getting out of your hotel, to driving all over the city or partaking in crowded events etc. Whatever your fears are, we will decondition your brains anxiety through one-on-one exposure therapy with a psychiatrist specializing in this disorder.

5. mindfulness concepts are an important part of the overall program and techniques will enable exerting control over various brain circuitry to switch between “running anxiety” patterns to “controlled focus” programs.

6. Medication is almost always necessary and will be utilized from the beginning if necessary. A mixture of benzodiazepines to allow the initial exposures to occur and treatment of any other underlying conditions.

For more information on the only one-on-one physician/psychiatrist based treatment program for Agoraphobia in the country, contact Michael Yasinski MD

Michael Yasinski MD