Agorophobia treatment programs option for the most severe

Agoraphobia treatment programs exist all over the country, albeit in small numbers but for the most severe patients who are disabled by their agoraphobia and panic or those house-bound, the programs do not address the severity of symptoms in an effective way.

I have been treating specifically severe agoraphobia and largely house-bound patients for 2 years and although trained in traditional CBT and exposure treatment and medication utilization, I learned quickly that extremely severe panic and agoraphobia takes some modification for an agoraphobia treatment program to be effective.

My agoraphobia treatment program is reviewed below, highlighting  key differences which make my program successful for the most severe panic disorder sufferers.  I am a psychiatrist trained in medication utilization, CBT and in-person exposure where I drive, accompany patients to any anxiety provoking situation and in real-time we disrupt the fear-panic cycle by confronting the negative irrational automatic thoughts that dominate during a panic attack.  I couple my expertise and exposure work which is multiple hours on a daily basis for patients who attend, with Psychological counseling services: . The are the premier intensive outpatient program for severe psychiatric disorders and people from all over the country seek treatment there. The expert psychologists and other modalities they offer can be customized to address related symptoms or causes of panic including trauma, OCD and other long-standing negative patterns.  These are key to treat and there is no other agoraphobia treatment program that addresses these.

1. Working 1-on-1 with a psychiatrist who regularly treats house-bound and severe panic disorder patients

2. Utilizing daily exposure therapy together with a psychiatrist specifically dedicated to treating agoraphobia and panic disorder. The agoraphobia treatment program exposure includes multiple hours a day driving, visiting feared locations and confronting all fearful situations, processing the fear and deconditioning the fear-response together

3. Utilizing expert psychologists in conjunction with the lead psychiatrist in order to address both further understanding of the cognitive-behavioral component to panic disorder and to address other underlying repressed emotional issues that are usually the drive for severe panic.

4.Medication integrated with therapy, exposure and education. Severe panic disorder often requires medication to allow for adequate exposure therapy. Programs who cannot offer integration of medication fail to adequately treat the most severe panic disorder and severe agoraphobia.

5.Coordination with your PCP by the psychiatrist to utilize sedative medication to enable you to fly to AZ or a psychiatrist who will fly to you and assist in getting you out of the house and onto a plane.

To get help from the premier agoraphobia treatment program call to setup a consultation and customized treatment plan to get you out of the house and back to living life. I have had 100 percent success with those people who are willing to work hard and endure the challenges. I see the most severe of severe and am very effective at treating this population.

Michael Yasinski MD

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