Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options: The Most Effective and Cutting Edge Approach To Re-Gaining Control Over Your Drinking

Alcoholism addiction affects people in different ways and my goal as a physician is to help people identify the way in which alcohol addiction may be causing a problem and help them figure out an approach to fixing the problem. People have different goals and I am a large proponent of making treatment goals realistic, achievable and flexible in order to maximize the quality of life of my patient’s.

I constantly research and study the latest science related to alcohol addiction and alcoholism in order to offer my patient’s the most cutting edge options available.  I have recently added the newest option of treatment with the highest success rate of any alcoholic addiction treatment option. The newest method is the Moderation Method which a comprehensive program with a very personalized approach to treatment planning-Click on the links below to get an in-depth view of the approaches to addiction treatment that I offer:

The Moderation Institute-Abstinence or Moderation

In-home alcohol detox click here

Sinclair method: A method to target problematic drinking but still enjoy occasional use

Alcohol addiction maintenance and recovery long-term approach

I treat every patient with a personalized approach meaning I customized everyone’s treatment plan specifically for them. I never provide a cookie-cutter approach to medicine and psychiatry. This means that I often combine more than one of the methods above to construct the most effective plan for each individual. Call me to discuss how any of these options may be a fit for you to quit drinking or achieve sustained moderation.