Anxiety treatment Scottsdale- A psychiatrist’s approach to a generalized anxiety

Anxiety treatment Scottsdale:

Generalized anxiety and panic disorder are the two most common forms of anxiety disorders. Often times people are consumed with worrying about everything and worrying more often than not.  In terms of anxiety treatment, as with all anxiety disorders, GAD and Panic disorder responds very well to both therapy and medication, which is why I insist that my patient’s receive both options.

Specifically, cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is a specific type of therapy, is the most successful, first line treatment available. CBT consists of “restructuring” maladaptive thought patterns which are at the heart of anxiety or worry. Weekly CBT with a good psychiatrist Scottsdale can quickly make a huge difference in your day to day level of anxiety. Typically 10-20 sessions is a reasonable goal when starting treatment.  After the initial phase of treatment, a maintenance phase consisting of monthly visits to reinforce learned principles is usually recommended and very effective to keep you anxiety free.

Treatment for anxiety disorders and panic disorder often not only include CBT but also medications which can be used for a short-term basis in conjunction with the cognitive therapy. Two type’s of medications are the mainstay of anxiety treatment and include benzodiazepines such as ativan, klonopin, valium and xanax; and Serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) like zoloft, celexa, lexapro, prozac and paxil).  Benzo’s are a great option because they begin working almost immediately with no lag time compared to SSRI’s which can take 3-6 weeks to begin working. The strategy I employ is to start a low dose of a benzodiazepine while beginning cognitive therapy. After a few days if my patient tolerates the medication well, I then add an SSRI at a low dose which will ultimately replace the benzo as the single medication used on a longer-term basis. Since it takes 3-6 weeks for the SSRI to begin to work, I will wait until at least 6 weeks and if my patient is doing well, I will slowly start to remove the benzo by lowering the dose gradually over weeks until it is stopped. In the mean time therapy is conducted weekly and typically patients have an extremely fast and effective response to treatment.

As one of the few Scottsdale psychiatrists who perform both cognitive therapy and prescribe medications, I am able to offer both options to my patients.  Also as mentioned since I come to my patient’s homes, I make treatment very comfortable and private which eases fears of treatment in general.  However most psychiatrists only prescribe medications and therefore will need to refer you to a therapist for the CBT so make sure to ask your psychiatrist for a referral if needed. Email me with any questions regarding my finding anxiety treatment in Scottsdale or any questions in general about anxiety or any other psychiatric diagnoses.

Michael Yasinski M.D