Decreasing stress to increase productivity can be one of the best investments a business ever makes for their employees. Unfortunately due to the negative stigma of “psychiatry” most employees are not open to a a preventative model to decrease stress to increase productivity at work. Here are some simple steps for any business owner or employee who would like to be more productive, feel better and feel less stressed on a day to day basis.

The foundation for how you feel each and every day is making sure to get a good sleep. I work with many Ceo’s and business people who tell me they have difficultly falling asleep at night due to constantly “thinking about the next day.”  When I tell them I can help to decrease stress to increase productivity they usually doubt me but in every case they end up being shocked when I prove them right.  From a business owners perspective, investing some money and time into providing some prophylactic mental health for employees may be one of the best possible investments.  Stressed out employee’s or business owners are inherently inefficient, less motivated and are not as mentally sharp on a day to day basis.

I encourage people to view psychiatry as a “training” program from a business perspective. I myself am a finance major and have a business background. I happened to fall in love with medicine and ultimately continued on to medical school and now I am a practicing concierge house-call psychiatrist who caters to wealthy business owners and people who value top quality care.  Personally I could not do my job as well as I do day in and day out if I was constantly stressed so I know first hand from being both a psychiatrist and a business owner, productivity can drastically improve with a little bit of preventative investment in mental health. Choose to call it something else if you need to- Cognitive training, mental training, mind yoga etc. Here are a few helpful steps if you feel you or your employee’s may show signs of stress, try these out-

1. Spend 15 minutes every night a couple hours before bed to keep a “worry journal for tomorrow”  This is a focused 15 minutes where you sketch out all of the worries on your mind from today and the worries you have going into tomorrow. You write down a solution to each worry if there is one.  If you will not know until tomorrow than you write that down.  By doing this you can avoid spending hours in bed spinning your mental wheels feeling anxious and worrying about tomorrow.  My favorite credo is “Don’t worry about the things you can change and don’t worry about the things you can’t change.”

2. Exercise at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular work-out 2-4 hours before bed. This is the ideal time to provide the absolutely best, most restful sleep

3. Cut out caffeine and salt in your diet. These two have a surprisingly large effect on quality of mood, cognition and sleep.

4.Get 15 minutes of morning/afternoon sunshine. In Scottsdale there is no excuse to not. The sun helps to regulate your brain’s pineal gland which is the brain’s internal clock. This will help regulate your brain to have proper sleep-wake cycle’s

5.If you are obese or you snore than get tested for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes your airway to be obstructed due to being overweight or having certain neck anatomy.  No oxygen getting to the brain is a recipe for disaster in terms of mood, sleep and productivity.

The bottom line as a business owner or an employee wanting to get ahead-decrease stress to increase productivity is a great investment to boost earnings, improve quality of life and feel better in general. Forget the stigma associated with psychiatry or mental health and treat it as a preventative measure just like you do for any other health matter or training skill.

Michael Yasinski M.D

Scottsdale concierge house-call psychiatry