Dementia care in scottsdale: The way it should be.

Dementia care in Scottsdale is  unfortunately as “broken” as Dementia care in the rest of the country.  Residents here in Scottsdale will be the first to have access to my model of complete “Family care” starting in January, 2013.  Unfortunately, the current options for Dementia care in Scottsdale or anywhere in the country focuses on treating only the “patient” who has dementia.  The problem with this approach is that it neglects the several other “patients” that succumb to the disease including: spouses, children and close friends.  The reason dementia care in Scottsdale lacks the approach to helping the family as a whole is sadly due to the financial limitations that insurance companies impose on people and their physicians.  There is simply not enough time for the modern medical system to devote to the entire family in this situation and thus care is limited to 15-20 minute appointments for the patient themselves with minimal family involvement and support.

Fortunately there is a much more effective way to approach these situations and best dementia care in Scottsdale will soon be available to anyone who values personalized care and compassionate family treatment. As a house-call psychiatrist in Scottsdale, I already am involved intimately in the care of families suffering from dementia of a loved one.  This has allowed me to learn exactly what components are needed to best help families.  The fact is, the disease of dementia is often harder on the family members than it is on the patient.

Dementia care can be much better, and when I get involved in the care of a family, I evaluate, treat and support each family member including the spouse and the children.  I then customize my care to each person by providing supportive therapy, medication to help with depression, stress or insomnia if needed, provide education on coping with the situation and how to best support the family and I am involved from beginning to end-of-life care in which I am there to support the family every step of the way.

What makes this model the absolutely best Dementia  care in Scottsdale is the addition of my care coordinator Tish Guzman, who is able to also support the family and be available 24/7 for questions or concerns. She also coordinates all of the care including appointments, placement in memory care centers if needed, coordinating home-care staff if needed and taking any other stress away from the family; she becomes the “quarterback” for care.

Dementia care in Scottsdale will be better than any other place in the country because this model takes a Psychiatrist who performs therapy/counseling and prescribes medication to each of the family members as needed. Also, all of this is done in the comfort of the family home or care-center.  Then a compassionate colleague with 30 years of experience working with dementia removes all of the stress from the family in terms of coordinating all of the needed ancillary care and doctor appointments.   In essence we give the entire family support from beginning to end, 24/7 and in the most comprehensive, personalized and convenient model unmatched by anyone else.

The greater goal remains to re-shape Dementia care in other areas of the country and to better educate physicians and care-takers about the concept of “family care” rather than “patient-centered care.”

If you have a loved one struggling with dementia and would like the best dementia care in Scottsdale, please call us to setup an appointment.

Michael Yasinski MD

CEO Yasinski Psychiatry