Dementia care in Scottsdale

Dementia care in Scottsdale can be difficult to find given the nature of the illness and inability for someone suffering from dementia to easily leave the house.  Although early on people remain quite functional, as time progresses it becomes increasingly difficult to get good Dementia care in Scottsdale because few doctors provide any house-call options. One of the most problematic aspects of dementia of any type-Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or post-stroke dementia, is the significant depression and mood changes that accompany the disease. Dementia care in Scottsdale rarely takes into account the mood aspects of treatment, especially in the family and care-takers who are often equally effected with depression.

I offer a concierge house-call approach and enjoy working with elderly patients in Scottsdale suffering from Dementia and their family to give them the best Dementia care in Scottsdale I am able to target the mood symptoms of Alzheimer’s such as depression or irritability, the anger outbursts or mood lability and the paranoia or delusions that tend to happen in later stages of the illness. I utilize a combination of medications and psychotherapy for both the patient and the family to ensure the most encompassing approach to the whole family.

What Dementia care in Scottsdale and in general lack the most is treating the family members as well as the patient. The care takers which are often a spouse or children have an extremely stressful time taking care of a loved one with Dementia and by coming to my patient’s families homes, I am able to work with them and provide the necessary tools through good psychotherapy to enable them to have the necessary coping skills to better deal with this difficult situation. Medications also are effective for treating the mood, anger and paranoia which can be very scary and troubling to the family. Sleep and insomnia is another problem that plagues sufferers of Dementia and medications and proper cognitive therapy can be very helpful to correct this.

Another concern which a lot of Dementia care in Scottsdale does not take into account is detection of any co-morbid medical problems such as urine infections, anemia, vitamin b12 deficiency and thyroid abnormalities which not only can cause dementia but can also cause an overlapping state of confusion called “delirium.”  Delirium, or an acute confusion secondary to a medical problem or from side-effects of medications (benadryl, anti-histamines, incontinence medication, anti-spasmodics/bentyl, benzodiazepines/ativan/valium and opioid pain medications).  Delirium is reversible if the underlying problem is fixed and this is often missed with Dementia care in Scottsdale. As a physician and psychiatrist, I am very aware of medical problems and how they can contribute to mood and behavioral symptoms of dementia and can diagnosis potential overlapping medical problems that are often missed and simply attributed to the Dementia itself rather than the missed underlying medical problem.

Whether you contact me or not, when you seek Dementia care in Scottsdale, make sure you find a qualified psychiatrist who can work in tandem with a neurologist to provide the best treatment and care. A psychiatrist who makes house-calls is ideal and although it is difficult, finding a psychiatrist who does both psychotherapy and prescribes medications is ideal. I do all of the above and feel it allows me to best help my patient’s and their families to make life as easy as possible which is my goal.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email if you have any questions on Dementia care in Scottsdale or about any other psychiatric questions that are non-urgent.

Michael Yasinski M.D