Depression treatment in Scottscale varies from clinicians who believe medication is the enemy, to psychiatrists that believe medication is the only way. These both are clearly wrong and it is a combination of several strategies that provides a successful cure for depression.  I attempt to offer a much more flexible and comprehensive approach to the treatment of depression and often combine psychotherapy with novel medications or supplements. One supplement I have had success with is SAMe. Many novel options exist and there is no need to suffer so please take a look at the other novel approaches I offer to my patients as well.

Many patients being treated for depression in Scottsdale, are more comfortable taking “natural” supplements. The problem is many of these “natural” supplements are virtually identical to different drugs and can be unsafe if used without supervision can be dangers. Also there is virtually no monitoring of the effectiveness of natural supplements which lead to many that are ineffective.  St. John’s wort is virtually identical to an SSRI like prozac. It acts on the recepts in an identical way and people often don’t understand how drugs actually can be no different than supplements in the way they react with the body. However it can be very effective supplement. Few others have any data or efficacy until now.

S-Adenosyl methionine (ademetionine, AdoMet, SAM, SAMe, SAM-e) is the newest in a line of supplements to target depression among other things such as liver disease and arthritis pain. Essentially it organizes many important building blocks in your brain that are involved in proper neurotransmitter activity and general neurological health. I rarely recommend a supplment as I practice evidenced based treatment but I have seen great results and great studies showing this can be an effective treatment, especially if used in conjunction to a good anti-depressant.  The best part is that its the best tolerated medicine I have seen in my career so there is no downside to supplementing your depression treatment with this.

So if you are getting depression treatment in Scottsdale and are seeing a prescribe