Instagram addiction causes anxiety, depression and is the worst drug epidemic in women’s history

Modern day crack: Turn on the computer, log in to Instagram and lose yourself in the site’s black hole of interest, hope, inspiration, jealousy, desperation, despair and depression.

Instragram is the latest social media of choice and it is essentially another flavor digital crack. Joining the ranks of Pinterest, facebook and twitter.  It causes high’s low’s and withdrawal symptoms.  Sound familiar to a drug addiction?

Its reach into society is huge, with about 11 million unique visitors last month, according to Forbes.

Frankly, I doubted any men used Instagram, however a surge of young male users shows technologies newest guilty pleasure is not exclusive to women.  Young men and teens are using it to rise to digital popularity to the detriment of their real life school and relationships. Yet another downfall of the digital wasteland.  Men and women alike beware: You have been warned.

Pictures of food, crafts, travel spots, home remodeling and docor, hairstyles, furniture, architecture, cute animal photos, cheeky sayings and wedding dresses.  How do you compare? Can you compete? Is any of it even real or attainable?  Do you feel pressure to keep up with the latest trends and instagram phenomenon’s ?  You are not alone.

It’s the photo scrapbook of hopes, dreams and desires for grown-ups, mostly those of the female persuasion. And that raises the question of whether that’s actually a healthy thing for grown women to be spending time compiling a virtual hope chest.

Enter denial: “Only after 9 p.m.” or “Only on the weekends and never at work.” I am not someone who “needs” Instagram. “ I am a confident person who derives self-worth from real-life relationships and activities.”  Until the depression and feeling of inadequacy sink in, leading to isolation and decreased “real-life” interactions.  Sound familiar?

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, where it is ultimately obvious that your profile photo is from long-ago,  your Instagram boards (which can never be made private), advertise only your hopes and dreams, the fantasy life you aspire to, rather than the common life you live.  Providing an escape from the mundane into the fraudulent fantasy of blissful happiness.  Sound familiar?

Instagram revolves around the idealistic, stylized catalogue scenes and magazine photos. Hasn’t society worked hard enough to educate young women about the fallacy of the “perfect 10.”  Airbrushed and digitally sculpted models portraying an impossibly unrealistic image on the cover of Vogue.  “Be happy with who you are and don’t compare yourself to these unrealistic pictures,” mothers often protest.  Delve into the cyber-world of fantastically perfect birthday cakes and super-women designed dinner party food to meet your longing need for inadequacy.  You are suffering mentally yet you continue to do log-on.  Sound familiar.

I have no qualms about preaching that digital crack has negatively impacted more people than any other drug, yet nobody has even admitted that it’s a nationwide epidemic.  At least ensure you attain some sense of self-worth out in the real-world and realize what you see on Instagram may be no more real than the wafer thin perfect model society has worked so hard to discredit in the name of realism and happiness with ones true self; one step forward, 10 steps back.   Sound familiar?