How to sustain a healthy, happy, lasting marriage

Wedding bells sound as newlyweds imagine the high they feel is ever lasting. Reality sets in however, and a successful relationship involves work!  Working out together may actually be the key to a lasting marriage as it incorporates strengthening of the most key elements needed for success. How to obtain a happy marriage becomes obvious as you understand this phenomenon.

Going to work-out with your partner can help motivate you to make it to the gym, can help you burn more calories,  push you to work harder, and ultimately results in more consistent, intense exercise regimens. An intense shared experience sets the stage for the physical and emotional benefits that follow.

When a couple works out together, the exercise itself can physically and emotionally have a positive impact.  Both partners come away with feelings of synchronicity, cooperative spirit and shared passion.  Throw in a blast of endorphins (natural opioid high) and it can be a real power trip for the relationship.

There is an interesting phenomenon that occurs when you partake in an intense workout with a partner or even in the same area as your partner.  The high that comes begins to be associated with your loved one being present and often participatory. Think “the Pavlov dog” experiment.  After consistent time in the gym together, both parties start to simply feel “high” when they are around each other at all other times as well.  This is especially potent in the bedroom where the intense pleasure is now compounded by a conditioned high which floods the brain with a double dose of opioid endorphins: creating an amazing experience together.

Bedroom benefits are great and healthy sex lives promote healthier but staying attracted to your partner is another common downfall of modern marriage.  To boost our attraction, consider our primal reaction as humans to another person eying our partner.  Ones attraction heightens as we see our significant other pursued by another person (especially for men).  Fueled partly by unconscious jealousy and by other evolutionarily derived hardwired attachment psychological brain circuitry, this amped up attraction helps to keep the elusive “spark” alive.

Another important principle is the psychological-emotional bolstering that occurs through tandem workouts.  Communication both verbally and non-verbally in an activity, trust associated with certain activities and very importantly, the commitment each partner shows to looking and feeling their best so they contribute to the relationship equally.  Think about that: how often does one partner believe they are giving more than another? Or that one partner is letting themselves go? Resentment builds and relationships end.

Arguably, working out together is the best bank for the buck in terms of modeling a healthy, happy relationship by increasing the 3 main ingredients for success: Physical connection, emotional connection and strong communication.