Panic disorder treatment in Phoenix: A personalized and comprehensive approach to care

Panic disorder is one of the most debilitating psychiatric illnesses and it is also one of the most incorrectly treated. I specialize in Panic disorder treatment and I combine multiple treatment modalities in order to target the underlying problem. This integrative approach combines several things including:

1. Cognitive behavioral therapy-This specific type of therapy is focused on reversing the core behaviors and maladaptive negative thoughts associated with panic disorder and panic attacks. I teach my patients how to identify rational vs. irrational thoughts and they learn how to stop acting on different negative thought patterns.

2. Exposure therapy-This very specialized type of therapy exposes patient’s to their fears and it is a cornerstone of treatment when it comes to Panic disorders and panic attacks. A process called desensitization occurs throughout the exposure therapy process. Unfortunately unless a therapist is very experienced in the treatment of Panic disorders, this is often incorrectly done. In the right hands, this is a very powerful tool to eliminate anxiety.

3.Medications-Sometimes medications are needed or recommended to treat certain cases of panic disorder and panic attacks. As a psychiatrist specializing in Panic, I utilize medications as one tool but it is only one of the pieces to the treatment approach and I do not use medication as a Band-Aid approach to treatment which unfortunately is what occurs much too often.

4.Psychodynamic therapy-This type of therapy identifies the underlying source of some of the maladaptive patters that may have started in childhood such as trauma, stress or difficulty in coping with some piece of life. Identifying this can help understand and forge a path forward for understanding the patterns we work with in the cognitive behavioral component to therapy.

I personalize every treatment approach and I believe in flexibility and working with the patient’s individual goals. I often use no medication and have great success utilizing the different psychotherapy modalities. Many options are available and the success rate is extremely high for panic disorder when in the hands of an experienced psychiatrist.