Phoenix psychiatrist Michael Yasinski MD adds office appointments

As a Phoenix psychiatrist who has focused predominantly on house-call appointments to provide the best possible psychiatry care amongst all Phoenix psychiatrists, I strive to create the best experience possible for my patient’s. With the demand for the best psychiatry services valley-wide, I have implemented office days into my practice which is now located in the central Scottsdale area. I am still one of the only Phoenix psychiatrists who offer house-calls but now for people living outside of my house-call area, or prefer to be in an office setting, I can accommodate them.

My philosophy still differs than any other Phoenix psychiatrist even in the way I provide office based care. I still offer only 1 hour long appointments and never “med-check” visits. I feel strongly that it is crucial to spend time with my patients, whether we visit once a week or once a month. I often take people who wish to seek psychotherapy as well as medications since I believe that a combination of both not only leads to the best outcome for my patients but it also allows me to understand which components of their illness can respond to medication and which parts will not. As a Phoenix psychiatrist who sees largely complicated cases, I know a doctor cannot know which symptoms or illnesses will respond to medication simply by running through a check list or a quick visit.

I am still available after-hours to my patients and always strive to create a comfortable, less formal environment for seeing patients. I often have my small dog named Chloe with me at the office and she aids in my work with children and adults alike.

I hope that the expansion of services will offer people who are looking for the best Psychiatrist in Phoenix but who prefer office services to now have the chance to get a truly personalized level of care.

Michael Yasinski MD