Scottsdale addiction treatment with the Sinclair method-

Scottsdale addiction care and addiction treatment in general is quite narrow minded when considering there are many people who desire to curb problematic drinking but do not desire to stop drinking completely. There is also a narrow definition of an addict or alcoholic that has been perpetuated by media lack of general understanding. Unfortunately this leads to many people not realizing they may have problems with drinking because they are not getting in legal trouble, have never lost a job and do not drink during the day.

The truth is that utilizing a much more flexible and personalized definition of addiction can identify problematic patterns of behavior that often do include using alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism. As a Scottsdale psychiatrist who treats addiction, I always offer people help no matter which step in recognizing their problem they are at. I have developed skills in providing home detox for those wishing to completely and safely stop drinking alcohol but I have also become an expert at utilizing the Sinclair method of alcohol addiction treatment.

This method strives to utilize a behavioral approach to cutting back on drinking to ultimately prevent it from problematic drinking. Utilizing a medication called Naltrexone, which blocks natural opiate endorphin receptors in the brain, the drug de-couples the pleasure involved when one drinks. By taking the pill one hour before drinking, a person no longer feels the euphoria and pleasure associated with alcohol and over time counter-conditions themselves to no longer desire alcohol.

This often is a step to ultimate sobriety however it can seem less daunting than stopping cold turkey; both physically and psychologically speaking. As one of the only Scottsdale addiction treatment psychiatrists offering this approach, I have been able to help many people who otherwise had given up hope of finding help the traditional way.

With either method of reducing the problematic drinking, I always focus on addressing the underlying psychological issue which often is responsible for the deep emptiness or emotional pain that is driving one to escape into the fantasy world of intoxication in the first place. While genetics have a large role in propensity to become addicted to alcohol, there is also an enormous psychological trauma component that needs to be addressed in order to be successful in life. I am one of the few Addiction psychiatrists in Scottsdale who insist on a comprehensive plan to include both the biological treatment of alcohol reduction or total sobriety; as well as the psychological healing needed.

Whether you are interested in complete sobriety or simply eliminating more problematic drinking, I offer a path to healing which for many is re-assuring given the perception of paternalistic, rigid physician-driven treatment vs. patient centered, flexible and realistic yet compassionate care which I strive to offer on a daily basis.

Michael Yasinski MD