Choosing the best Scottsdale or Phoenix psychiatrist can be a difficult task but finding making sure you and your psychiatrist are a good fit is the key to successful treatment.  A guide I talk to patient’s about include considering the following:

1.Does your psychiatrist show an in-depth understanding of the medical-psychiatric interplay and relationship since many psychiatric disorders are caused by underlying organic medical disorders such as Lupus, Infections, tumors and many others. As a physician, I will always try to eliminate any “fixable” causes of psychiatric symptoms.

2.Does your psychiatrist offer both psychotherapy and medication expertise?  Without getting to know and understand the psychological components which form the underpinnings of the psychiatric symptoms, it is often difficult to obtain effective treatment results. For example, many causes of stress and depression are simply either situational or due to deep seated psychological trauma.  If you simply try to prescribe medication but do not understand the psychological issues than you essentially will be unlikely to get the patient better.

3.Your psychiatrist should know the mechanism of action, side-effects and their mechanism of action and alternatives to medications in great detail. Ask a lot of questions!

Most of all, you should feel comfortable and confident in your doctor and I make sure every patient I see is both a good fit for me and that I am the right fit for them. Communication is key.

Michael Yasinski MD