About Michael Yasinski, M.D.

Dr. Michael Yasinski is a board-certified psychiatrist in Scottsdale, AZ and one of few psychiatrists who focus on providing personalized psychiatric care combining pharmacology, psychotherapy and addiction medicine expertise. 

He strives to offer the most innovative treatment options and a flexible approach in treating mood disorders, alcohol addiction, anxiety disorders and geriatric psychiatry including treatment for dementia. Dr. Yasinski offers both at-home and in-office appointments.

As a board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Yasinski's focus is on treating adults of all ages struggling with most psychiatric conditions. His practice focuses on several modalities of psychotherapy which he integrates into his treatment approach along with using the latest medications such as Ketamine, low-dose Naltrexone, and MAO-I anti-depressants as indicated. 

Dr. Yasinski integrated approach combines an in-depth understanding of the medical-psychiatric interplay in order to provide the most thorough understanding of each patient. He also has experience working in a consult-liaison service where he evaluated and treated severely medically compromised medical patients, post-partum women, and advanced neurologically compromised geriatric patients with dementia. This knowledge helps ensure there are no contributing medical problems causing or worsening psychiatric symptoms.

Dr. Yasinski strives to provide innovation in the delivery of medical and psychiatric services, offering both at-home and in-office visits while integrating psychotherapy and medication into each patient’s treatment. He offers a level of personalized care that is becoming rare in modern medicine. 

Dr. Yasinski's Psychiatry Services Include: