Cutting Edge Alcohol Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ

Alcohol treatment in Scottsdale now has a brand new option available for the first time ever in the United States – The Sinclair Method of treatment is a long-proven method of treatment used in Finland and parts of Europe for many years however it has never been available in the United States. The Sinclair Method is the foundation of The Moderation Institute’s Moderation Method.  The cutting edge method utilizes The Moderation Method of treatment for alcohol. The program is equally successful for quitting drinking or moderating your alcohol use. This is the only treatment program in existence that will achieve either goal successfully.

Alcohol use disorder is a complex illness and I personally work with people to customize a treatment plan.  Each person has a different objective which may be full abstinence or continued drinking in a more moderate way. I work on a plan as the head of The Moderation Institute to successfully meet each persons goals rather than practicing a one-size-fits-all approach. The comprehensive program identifies underlying factors that may be contributing to their alcohol use such as underlying depression, anxiety or stress. It looks at any medical disorders that may be effecting their ability to control their drinking. Last it looks at the biological component of their drinking which is addressed with the Sinclair Method. This information is incorporated into each person’s individual plan which takes place over 90-120 days and 10 treatments throughout that time period. It is entirely outpatient, flexible with time scheduling and extremely cost effective.

The Moderation Method vs. Traditional Alcohol Treatment

I traditionally practiced mainstream addiction medicine which includes the following steps: First, abstinence is achieved removing alcohol completely either by utilizing medication or having someone go to an Alcohol inpatient detox. I offer the option of completing this step at home in an in-home detox which is a convenient and painless option compared to going into a typical Alcohol rehab.

Once one is off the alcohol, I look at initiating a medication to assist with cravings. Typical medications include Naltrexone and Acamprosate. Both of these medications offer some efficacy in terms of craving reduction but have a relatively low success rate. The latest attempts to curb alcohol cravings have been in utilizing the medications Gabapentin (Neurontin), Zofran, Chantix and Topamax. These other medications frankly show an equally disappointing success rate in studies but still continue to be better than nothing at all.

I will also assess whether there is an co-occurring psychiatric issue such as anxiety, insomnia or depression for example. I will treat any co-occurring illnesses during this phase.

Last, I initiate the appropriate type of therapy which is often a combination of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, ACT therapy, Mindfulness, Motivational therapy and Psychodynamic therapy.  This is often an ongoing process to explore the underlying factors involved with the addiction and figuring out the best set of tools to assist one in navigating the future.

After years of private practice I have seena much greater success rate from the Sinclair method combined with targeted therapy compared to traditional alcohol treatment.  I am happy to offer either approach to any patient and certainly have had many successful patients obtain sobriety this way.

In the end however I felt strongly enough about the success of the Sinclair Method that I designed a complete program called The Moderation Institute.  My primary goal was to reach more people by offering a program based on the Sinclair method that also combined my experience over the past severalyears in which I gained a true understanding of the most effective targeted therapy to integrate into the program.  This approach will hopefully help many more people and be a much more attractive option to many people who do not want to quit drinking completely.

Further Information on Our Addiction Services

In-home alcohol detox: Alcohol withdrawal is dangerous and potentially life-threatening if not properly supervised and treated. I offer a safe and comfortable in-home alcohol detox which offers the utmost privacy and comfort. I understand many people do not want to go into a hospital or treatment center, which is why I designed my in-home approach. My goal remains to help as many people as I can by offering as many options as I can for people who want to get help but might otherwise not do so. Click here to read more about my in-home alcohol detox program

Sobriety maintenance medications: There are several medications used in traditional treatment that can help fight cravings and help in the addiction recovery process. Three medications are available: Naltrexone, Antabuse and Acamprosate. Click here to read more about these medications and how they may be helpful

Sinclair method of reduction in problem drinking: The Sinclair method is a very specialized approach to helping patients who want either total sobriety or healthy moderate drinking. This option is great for people who want to continue to drink socially but desire to be more in control of their drinking. Read more about the Sinclair method here

Psychotheraputic modalities: Many people who struggle with addiction have had a past history of trauma, stress or difficulty coping at some point in life. Often times people develop maladaptive coping mechanisms such as self-medicating with alcohol. Psychotherapy modalities include psychodynamic psychotherapy which focuses on understanding the origin of the maladaptive thoughts or behaviors as well as cognitive behavioral therapy to address changing those maladaptive thoughts or behaviors. I also work in conjunction with therapist colleagues who do special trauma therapy and other specialized modalities depending on the case.