New Cutting Edge Alcohol Treatment and Detox

A brand new option in Alcohol Detox and Alcohol rehab has arrived in Scottsdale. I now offer two novel alcohol treatment program options for people:

In-home Alcohol Detox and Rehab

For many years my in-home Alcohol detox in Scottsdale and Phoenix has provided complete privacy, safety and maximum comfort compared to traditional inpatient alcohol detox programs.  Treatment for alcohol addiction is scary and embarrassing for many people which unfortunately leads people shy away from getting treatment. I started my in-home alcohol detox program in order to help people who otherwise may never be comfortable reaching out for help.

I learned early on in my career that there was a paucity of truly personalized care and treatment that often was not customized or flexibly designed to fit each individual. I strive to offer an individualized experience that meets the needs of each person and incorporates a team approach between me and the patient.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for an in-depth detailed look at exactly how this procedure works.

The Moderation Institute and the Moderation Method

The Moderation Method is an Alcohol Treatment Program that is founded on The Sinclair Method of Alcohol Rehab. This is brand new to the United States. It is a method that continues the core values that I have always believed were crucial in an Alcohol Rehab program: Personalization, privacy, a very high success rate, comfortable for each person and flexible in terms of schedule and time committment.

The unique approach gives people the option of quitting drinking completely or effectively moderating their drinking. Both options are equally successful. This model was patented in Europe for more than a decade until recently.  I have used the method in my private practice for a number of years but was unable to offer it on a larger scale until now.

I took my experience with Sinclair Method and combined it with the most effective treatment modalities for Alcohol treatment and created: The Moderation Institute.

I have also combined my in-home alcohol detox program in conjunction with the Moderation Method when someone is heavily drinking and wants to achieve a more moderate approach to drinking but desire to have a period of sobriety beforehand.  Both options provide a unique but extremely effective way to tackle this traditionally difficulty to treatment problem.

Details on the In-home Alcohol Detox Procedure

The Alcohol detox program will consist of using all the proper medications (Such as Valium or Ativan) to safely have you stop drinking alcohol. The alcohol detox process involves closely monitoring your vitals signs such as blood pressure and pulse; monitoring subjective symptoms, such as tremors, discomfort and anxiety; and checking any necessary lab work before starting to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo the program. These are the same steps that are taken in an inpatient treatment center, except you have direct access to myself and as a physician I am able to directly monitor your care.

I always require a family member, reliable friend, or a trained nurse to be present and involved in your care while going through the alcohol detox program. Although there are very few limitations, there are occasions where someone is not a good fit for the program.  If I evaluate the situation and I feel it is not safe to be treated outside of a hospital then I will recommend inpatient detox treatment. Some examples of cases requiring an inpatient facility would be cardiac or breathing disease. I will never compromise a patients safety and will ensure every patient gets to the necessary treatment setting.

The alcohol detox process takes 7-10 days to complete depending on the severity of the case. The steps involved in the process are as follows:

1. Initial evaluation in my office or in your home depending on personal preference. We will go over in detail your drinking history, quantity of consumption, full medical and psychiatric history and ensure you are a safe candidate for the detox process.

2. We will go over the directions with your family/friend who is going to be staying with you. This will involve close contact with myself for the first 48 hours where we monitor vital signs such as pulse and blood pressure in order to safely monitor how your body is doing through the process. This information will also help guide the required medication dosage used to wean you off of the alcohol.

3. I will go over the medication taper depending on current level of consumption, medical history, previous detox history, whether your are male or female and ultimately determine how much medication you need, how we will administer that medication and how we will taper you comfortably off of the medication. Medications used are typically Valium or Ativan. Both are benzodiazepines which bind to receptors in the brain which mediate the alcohol withdrawal process and thus these medications allow for a very comfortable and safe detox process.

4. We will have follow-up visits where I have you come to my office or I come to your home throughout the 7-10 days to monitor progress closely and ensure you are safe, comfortable and progressing through the detox process. By day 10 you typically will be off of all medications, off of the alcohol completely and feeling really well.

5. After the Alcohol detox process, we will meet and come up with a strategy for the maintenance phase of treatment. We will discuss how to address every component necessary in order to keep you succeeding in achieving your recovery goals; whether that is complete sobriety or whether that is casual, more controlled drinking. Many different treatment options ranging from medication to psychotherapeutic modalities are integrated into the recovery plan and regular treatment begins if you desire to proceed with ongoing treatment.