The Sinclair Method in Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Many people desire to moderate problematic drinking but do not desire to quit drinking completely. There is also a narrow definition of an addict or alcoholic that has been perpetuated by a lack of general understanding amongst both physicians and lay people. Unfortunately this phenomenon  leads to many people not realizing that they may have a problem with drinking because they are not getting in legal trouble, have never lost a job, or do not drink during the day.  I want to reach people who may simply finding themselves not feeling the best that they can be, people that are not performing at their best ability and people that for any reason find that alcohol negatively impacts their life.

The truth is that utilizing a much more flexible and personalized definition of addiction can identify problematic patterns of behavior that often do include using alcohol as a coping mechanism. As a psychiatrist who treats addiction, I have developed skills in providing home detox for those wishing to completely and safely stop drinking alcohol. I have also become an expert at utilizing the Sinclair Method of alcohol addiction treatment.

This method strives to utilize a behavioral approach to cutting back on drinking to ultimately prevent it from becoming problematic drinking. Utilizing a medication called Naltrexone, which blocks natural opiate endorphin receptors in the brain, we can uncouple the pleasure generated when one drinks. By taking the pill one hour before drinking, a person can drink, still feel the desired effect of the alcohol but the addiction center of their brain will not be activated.  This happens “behind the scenes” and is the crux of why the method is so helpful. Before you know it, you stop feeling the need or desire to drink; therefore you are completely in control of your alcohol consumption. feels the intense euphoria associated with problematic alcohol use.

The method can be used to modify your current drinking habit to one of more moderate drinking or this method can be the road to completely sobriety.   Whatever your goal is: You Define Your Own Success.  As one of the only addiction treatment psychiatrists offering this approach, I have been able to help many people who otherwise had given up hope of finding the help that they need. Whether that is failed attempts at traditional rehab, failed attempts at 12-step treatment or failed attempt at self-moderation.

Visit The Moderation Institute, my practice incorporating the Sinclair Method into a three-stage treatment protocol.

Click here for a link to a video on the Sinclair Method to alcohol treatment