Video Game Addiction: Curing Technology Addiction with Naltrexone

Video game addiction and technology addiction is plaguing society both young and old. Kids younger than ever are consumed with video games and as a result are more social isolated and withdrawn from real-life emotional connections that are necessary to achieving long-term happiness in life. Parent often struggle with kids who don’t want help or do not feel they have a problem. Even if kids admit to a problem, there has not been an easy form of treatment historically.

Naltrexone, a medication that decouples the potent addiction circuit of the brain, is a revolutionary tool in the fight against video game addiction. The protocol works very effectively and quickly, regardless of whether a child feels there is a problem or not. The protocol is as follows:

  • Naltrexone is given an hour before a person engages in the video game or technology activity.
  • The child plays the video game as they normally do or uses the technology in the normal fashion.
  • The naltrexone blocks the reward center of the brain associated with the enjoyment and behavioral conditioning involved in desire and addiction.
  • As the child continues to use the Naltrexone before playing the game, their brain naturally decouples and weakens the circuit involved in maintaining the addiction and desire to play the game.
  • As this behavior is weakened and becomes less intense, additionally therapy with the child and/or the parents is conducted with the goal of re-directing the child into more healthy behaviors without their brain being so “locked” on video games or technology.

With this effective approach, parents can regain control over their children’s activities and ultimately it creates a self-driven motivation to not engage in video games and technology nearly as often which is the most desired outcome. Rather than having to force your child to refrain, the child will naturally not desire to participate.